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What We Do

The Wings of Hope Medical Relief & Air Transport (MAT) Program provides medical air transport services, free of charge, to individuals who need specialized medical care that is not available to them locally. Using aircraft specially outfitted with stretchers to accommodate fragile and non-ambulatory patients, we fly individuals to hospitals and treatment centers in 26 states within a 600-mile radius of our St. Louis headquarters.

Who We Serve

Although we place no age restrictions on those we transport, a majority are children with congenital disorders, and rare or life-threatening health conditions. Once we start transporting these individuals, we commit to transporting them to post-op care and treatment for as long as necessary. The MAT Program relieves these individuals and their families of the stresses and financial burdens of arranging and paying for travel.

Who Makes It Happen 

We rely on a highly skilled team of volunteers to provide safe, reliable transportation for the people we serve. Our volunteer pilots, mechanics, doctors, nurses and patient flight advocates must meet our strict training and licensing requirements. Our pilots must have their commercial pilot’s license and instrument rating and logged at least 1,000 hours in small aircraft.
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