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Endowment | a gift to our endowment

An endowment will preserve your gift in perpetuity so it can propel Wings of Hope’s mission. Donors have a unique opportunity to watch their gifts lift those in need toward health and self-sufficiency, with the assurance that their investment will fortify Wings of Hope, touching countless lives for many years to come.

Advantages for Endowments:

  • Magnify the impact of Wings of Hope today and for the future.
  • Provide a lasting tribute for someone who has inspired you or changed your life.
  • Match your passion and interest with a wellspring of support.
  • Donors and their designees are kept apprised of the ongoing impact of their donation through periodic reports and communications.
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Charitable Gift Annuity | a gift that pays you income

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Annuities are a great way to support Wings of Hope’s mission and receive steady payments during your retirement years. The process is simple. Through a simple contract you make a donation of cash, stocks or other assets to Wings of Hope. In return, you (and someone else, if you choose) receive a fixed amount each year for the rest of your lifetime.

Advantages for Charitable Gift Annuities:

  • Fixed lifetime annuity at an attractive rate.
  • Your initial gift is partially income tax–deductible.
  • Your payments are not affected by ups and downs in the economy.
  • The gift annuity can be for one or two people, so your spouse or another loved one can also receive payments for life.
  • If you use appreciated stock to make a gift, you can usually eliminate capital gains tax on a portion of the gift and spread the rest of the gain over your life expectancy.

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Bequests | make an impact beyond your lifetime

Consider leaving a gift to Wings of Hope in your will or living trust. You can structure the bequest to leave a specific item, amount of cash, securities or property. Make the gift contingent on certain events, or leave a percentage of your estate to us. Another option is to add Wings of Hope as a beneficiary to your retirement account or life insurance policy.

Advantages for making a bequest:

  • A bequest costs nothing now, yet gives you the satisfaction of knowing you have provided for Wings of Hope in the future
  • You retain control of and use of your assets during your lifetime
  • You may modify your bequest if your circumstances change
  • Gifts to Wings of Hope from your estate are exempt from federal estate taxes

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Contact us for more information

To learn more about Endowment Funding, Bequests and Charitable Gift Annuities, or to receive a personalized illustration showing how a gift annuity could work for you, please contact Director of Development, Laura Helling, at 636.537.1302 or

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