Economic Opportunity

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Our program is located in Balasore, Odisha, one of the poorest Indian states. Our partner, Nari O Sishu Kalyan Samitee (NSKS), supports women’s self-help groups (SHG) that act as entrepreneurial support and microcredit lending groups. We built a work center supporting three women’s SHGs that manufacture incense, earning each of the women $50 per month, a nice supplement to their monthly family income.

Woman and child posing amid a crowd in India.
Woman and baby posing in India.
Woman making incense in India.


In rural Kenya, we partner with Transfedha Microfinance, based in Bomet. We provide microloans and business training to help women start small businesses as means out of poverty. These women have been very successful opening produce stands and market stalls. One of the most profitable areas has been dairy farming, with women getting started in the milk trade and, eventually, using their profits to buy dairy cows.

Two women selling vegetables in a market in Kenya.
Two women posing in front of a shop in Kenya.
Woman tending to a cow in Kenya.
Mother and child selling their wares in a market in Kenya.