Pulling for Hope Guide:

Sign Up as a Captain, Create your own Personal Fundraising Page & Create Your Team

Step #2

Click on Sign Up to create an account.

Step #3

A form will appear asking for: First and Last Name, Email & a new password for the account. Fill out the form and and press the Sign Up button when finished.

Step #4

Click on Start Fundraising. This is the starting point to create your personal fundraising page before creating your team.

Step #5

Enter your personal fundraising goal. There is no minimum requirement for your personal fundraising goal, this number can range from $0 to any number you wish.

Click on Next.

Step #6

Personalize your fundraising page by entering your Page title and editing Why are you raising money?, if you so wish.

Under Customize your web URL, you can create a name for your URL to anything that is easy to remember for your fundraising efforts.

Click on Next: Page cover at the bottom.

Step #7

Add a photo for your personal fundraising page, click on Upload Photo.

Click Next: Finalise

Step #8

Check over the details of your fundraising page and click Launch my page.

Step #9

Congratulations, you have just created your personal fundraising page as the captain of your team!

Check your email for a letter from Just Giving, titled: You’ve created a JustGiving page which will contain the link to your new page.

Next, you need to Create a team –  click on this link in orange type.

Step #10

Enter your team name.

Click through the next steps and customize your team page as desired.

Click Let’s go!

Read over the next page and click Continue.

Step #11

Here you can upload a photo that represents your team and draft a team story. You have the ability to skip this step and add this information later – it is optional.

Click Continue.

Step #12

As a team fundraising goal, please enter a minimum of $1,000 and enter your team name in the link box.

Enter a URL, it can be anything you want it to be.

Example: If your team is the Cookie Monsters, type in cookie-monsters.

Click Create your team.

Step #13

Congratulations, you’ve just created your team fundraising page.

Check your email for a letter from Just Giving, titled: Hooray! You created a team page which will contain a link to your team page.

Click Go to my team page.

Step #14

From here, you can do two things:

  1. You can share your team fundraising page to invite family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to join your team, donate to a team member and keep sharing with their peers to keep the fundraising effort going!
  2. Or you can share your personal fundraising page with family, friends, co-workers or neighbors to donate to your team and keep sharing with their peers to keep the fundraising going!

Remember, links to both your team fundraising page and your personal fundraising page can be found in your email inbox.

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