Portrait of John Danforth.

John Danforth

Former U.S. Senator
& Humanitarian
“The children of the world are our future. The children of Africa, South Africa, in every populated and forgotten place on earth. Assisting them is my most satisfying purpose.”
Portrait of Elizabeth Dole.

Elizabeth Dole

Former U.S. Senator
Former President, American Red Cross
“Your soul can fly no higher than when you have worked to help a child.”
Portrait of Carl Edwards.

Carl Edwards

Professional Stock Car Driver
Wings of Hope’s Newest Honorary Council Member
Portrait of Harrison Ford.

Harrison Ford

Actor & Pilot
“Our future, all of us, will be determined by the clamoring of those who have no hope in their lives. By sharing what we have, we can change their future, and subsequently, ours.”
Portrait of Barrington Irving.

Barrington Irving

Pioneer Pilot
Wings of Hope’s Newest Honorary Council Member
Portrait of Sherrill Kazan Alvarez.

DRa. Sherrill Kazan

Chairperson, President, World Council of Peoples for the United Nations
“Mankind continually prays for redemption; with Wings of Hope redemption comes one child at a time.”
Portrait of Colin Powell.

General Colin L. Powell

Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Former Secretary of State
“Making the world a better place is not easy work. Organizations like Wings of Hope allow us all to do our part.”
Portrait of Justin Rigali.

His Eminence Justin Cardinal Rigali

Archbishop Emeritus
of Philadelphia
“Wings of Hope works at the heart of social problems in the most forlorn places on earth. I am pleased to assist them.”
Portrait of Kurt Russell.

Kurt Russell

& Pilot
“When you change the world for one child, you have altered the future for all of mankind.”
Portrait of Tom Stafford.

Lt. Gen. Tom Stafford

“Sadness and desolation know no color, race, culture or political boundaries – neither does the job of humanity.”
Portrait of Patty Wagstaff.

Patty Wagstaff

Aerobatic National
Champion Pilot
“We are not just passive spectators in life. We have a responsibility to help the things we love.”
Portrait of Chuck Yeager.

Brig. Gen. Chuck Yeager

Legendary Test Pilot, Author
“When a child needlessly dies in some forgotten corner of the planet, you and I may not even notice it. But God does, and he’d like us to do something about it.”