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Two pilots and a family posing in front a Seneca.

Medical Relief & Air Transport

In 2003, Wings of Hope established the Medical Relief & Air Transport (MAT) Program to serve the very real need for health care access that exists right here in the United States. While the U.S. is home to the world’s best doctors and most advanced health care facilities, many families have no way to reach these lifesaving specialists when medical crises threaten the lives of their children and loved ones. The MAT Program is a lifeline for these families.

“I took so many things for granted before Claire was diagnosed—things like just going outside, taking my kids to the park, a restaurant, or even a plane ride on a commercial airline. It is just not that simple for many families. There are so many sick children in hospitals or at home with home health care that need to get to other places in the United States to see a specialist. We are so grateful to the Wings of Hope program that has truly had a large part in transporting our daughter to the right doctors which, in turn, saved her life.”

~ Marianne, mother of Claire, former MAT patient

2017 Stats

MAT patients served
flights organized through MAT or Commercial tickets

Our MAT Fleet

M.A.T. plane: Cessna 206.
M.A.T. plane: Piper Seneca.
M.A.T. plane: Piper Seneca.

We have a fleet of three dedicated aircraft in our hangar: one Cessna 206 and two Piper Senecas. These planes are flown by a dedicated staff of volunteer pilots, and they are accompanied by a talented team of nurses and patient flight advocates.

Volunteer Pilots
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Lifetime Piloting Experience
Mean Fuel Cost per Flight

What We Do

We provide health care ACCESS to the disadvantaged, primarily children with life-threatening disabilities, birth defects or chronic, complex illnesses.

We TRANSPORT patients to treatment until they are better – even when it requires several trips to support repeat therapies, multiple surgeries and follow-up care. We also provide ground transportation to and from treatment and pay to house the patients’ families near treatment facilities, when necessary.

What Makes Us Different

We are the only FREE medical air transport service in the U.S., with specially equipped aircraft that can accommodate stretchers, wheelchairs and medical equipment.

We own our aircraft and maintain them to strict Wings of Hope and FAA standards.

Our staff of volunteer pilots, mechanics, doctors, nurses and patient flight advocates must meet our strict training and licensing requirements.

Our focus on SAFETY underscores everything we do.

To inquire on arranging transportation,
please contact us by phone: (636) 537-1302
or by email: mat@wingsofhope.ngo

MAT Services Are Always Free
& Always Available

24/7, 365 DAYS A YEAR

Our patients never pay for services provided!

If you have an interest in supporting this important, life-changing work, please contact Wings of Hope at (636) 537-1302 or by email at info@wingsofhope.ngo

Portrait of M.A.T. patient, William.


William was born with clubfoot and arthrogryposis, a joint condition in which some of the joints don’t move as much as normal and may even be stuck in one position. Successful treatment requires frequent trips to a specialized hospital and, for most children, can lead to big improvements in how they move and what they can do. Now almost two, William made his first flight with Wings of Hope when he was a just a baby. Since then, we have flown him 13 times round trip from his home in the northern region of the Midwest, to St. Louis Shriners Hospital. More than 90% of our MAT patients are frequent fliers like William—and we commit to flying them for as long as it takes to achieve the best possible outcome.

Days per year we are available
Portrait of M.A.T. patient, Claire.


When Claire came to Wings of Hope, the only chance she had for survival against HLH Syndrome was through medical intervention at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. After nine flights in only 18 months, Claire is now cured.

Portrait of M.A.T. patient, Lilyanna.


Lilyanna was born with clubfoot, a common birth defect that affects about one in 1,000 newborns in the U.S. We began flying Lilyanna from her home to St. Louis Shriners Hospital when she was only 4 months old. After 32 flights, Lilyanna’s feet have straightened out and this active toddler walks normally.

Portrait of M.A.T. patient, Justin.


We have transported Justin dozens of times since he was a baby for corrective limb surgeries and continued care at St. Louis Shriners Hospital. Without the MAT Program, his family would not have been able to afford the commercial flights to treatment and Justin would not be as healthy as he is today.

Portrait of M.A.T. patient, Maya.


Maya was born in Sudan. When she was just 18 months old, she fell into a vat of boiling milk that severely burned her hands and arms – effectively melting her fingers together. After learning about Maya’s plight, Wings of Hope transported Maya, her mother and father, and her baby sister to St. Louis. We arranged for Maya to be treated by a pediatric plastic surgeon who performed three surgeries to separate her fingers and tendons.

Seneca tail section featuring the words "Wings of Hope" and a red cross.