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For more than 50 years …

… we have been using our wings to lift up people in need all over the globe.
Today, we work in Africa, the Americas and Asia, partnering with communities to improve their:


Will you donate your wings to support us in our mission?

Your donated aircraft can be
a great tax deduction.

When you donate your plane to Wings of Hope, you will receive an appraisal to provide to your tax advisor to help obtain the best tax consideration for your needs.

No other aviation charity puts your donation to better use.

  • We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
  • Ninety cents of every dollar we raise goes directly to program services.
  • We have a Four-Star rating on Charity Navigator and a GuideStar Gold rating.
  • We are a recognized international resource; twice-nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (2011, 2012).

To discuss the tax benefits of your donation, contact Laura Helling at 636-537-1302 or

The Aviator

When you donate your aircraft, you join an elite community of aviators who share a heart for service and a spirit of generosity. We recognize your donation with the coveted Order of the Aviator medal. We hope you display it with pride as a reminder that your donation is making a difference in the world.

Will you donate your plane and join the Order of the Aviator?

Members of the Order of the Aviator receive a medallion and a plaque encased behind glass.
(Click the image to the left to see the full version.)
Members also receive a medallion lapel pin
(shown to the right).

– Chuck Yeager