Airplane Raffle

Airplane Raffle2019-05-17T15:10:02-05:00
1978 Beechcraft C-23 Sundowner


All tickets for this raffle have been sold!
The drawing is scheduled for TODAY (May 17, 2019) at approximately 1pm.

The winning numbers will be posted as soon as possible, so please be patient!

UPDATE (May 17, 2019):


1978 Beechcraft C-23 Sundowner (N18968)

a PPL or Advanced Training Scholarship

a Bose A20 aviation headset

iPad with Wi-Fi & ForeFlight Pro-Plus

UPDATE (April 1, 2019):

It is a record-setting day for the Wings of Hope Airplane Raffle! Thanks to you, we sold 4,000 raffle tickets in under 3 hours! Due to the quickness in which the tickets were sold, some raffle ticket numbers may not have been sent out to your email, so if you need your ticket number(s) re-sent, please email us at: and we will send them out to you as soon as possible! Thanks!

Each ticket has a chance of winning one of 4 prizes:

1978 Beechcraft C-23 Sundowner (N18968)

a PPL or Advanced Training Scholarship

a Bose A20 aviation headset

a 10.5-inch 512 GB iPad with Wi-Fi and cellular plus a one-year subscription to ForeFlight Pro-Plus

Grand Prize Details

This beautiful 180 HP 4-place Sundowner, with recent Paint and Interior, will be delivered with a freshly overhauled engine, a contemporary Garmin Avionics Suite with ADS-B In/Out and a new annual inspection. It is painted in overall white with navy blue striping and tan interior. Sundowners are known for their large cabins and entry/exit ease, one of the few low wing planes with 2 passenger doors! The Avionics will include a GNS 430W GPS/Nav/Com, GNC 255 Nav/Com, GTX 345 Transponder, and GMA 345 audio panel which will display ADS -B traffic and weather on the 430, as well as be blue-toothed to a Portable display.

April Raffle Details

Tickets go on sale on
Monday, April 1, 2019
beginning at 6:00 am (CT).

In order to purchase tickets, return to this webpage and a link will be provided for you. Purchases can be made with any major credit card, no other forms of payment will be accepted.

Only 4,000 tickets will be made available:

One ticket for $75
Three tickets for $195

April 2019 Raffle Rules

See Raffle Rules

Previous Raffle Results

1972 Piper Cherokee 180


  • Tickets went on sale on September 17, 2018
  • Tickets sold out on September 17, 2018
  • Winning numbers drawn on October 9, 2018

Grand Prize: 1972 Piper Cherokee 180
Winning #: 268511329462

Second Prize: PPL or Advanced Training Scholarship
Winning #: 268511341831

Third Prize: a Bose A20 aviation headset
Winning #: 268511333991

Fourth Prize: a 10.5-inch 512 GB iPad with Wi-Fi and cellular plus a one-year subscription to ForeFlight Pro-Plus
Winning #: 268511338521

All proceeds from this raffle will support the MAT Program.

Your ticket purchase supports our U.S. medical air transport program
— flying children like Elizabeth, Payton and Cooper to transformative medical care.

Other Prize Details


Bose A20 Aviation Headset (See More Info)


10.5-inch 512 GB iPad with Wi-Fi and cellular (See More Info)

PLUS a one-year subscription to ForeFlight Pro-Plus (See More Info)

Things to Keep in Mind for the Raffle

To purchase tickets, simply return to this page on Monday, April 1, at 6 a.m. Central Time. A link will be provided to process credit card payments. No other forms of payment will be accepted. We will not process any purchases over the phone – no exceptions. So please do not call in to purchase tickets. Most concerns can be handled simply through email and we encourage you to contact us by email at , however if you feel you need to talk to someone, contact us at (636) 537-1302. Due to the large volume of ticket sales, we will do our best to respond to your concerns in a prompt manner, however we are not responsible if you are unable to purchase tickets. Thank You for you consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I don’t get my ticket numbers?2019-04-01T10:45:36-05:00

There are many factors that would prevent emails from making it into your inbox, but primarily the culprit is spam and junk mail filters intercepting your mail. Check your spam folder for your ticket number(s).

If you still don’t see them, no problem! Send an email to and request to have your ticket numbers re-sent to you. It is important that you include your first and last name, your mailing address, and your email address so that we can properly identify you in the database.

How do the ticket numbers work?2019-04-01T10:46:02-05:00

The raffle ticket numbers you receive are your transaction number, followed by the number of tickets you purchased. For example, if you bought one ticket and your number was this:


What it literally is, the transaction number followed by the number of tickets purchased. It helps to insert a hyphen like this: #757575757571.

Using the same example, three tickets are sold, they would look like this:




Using the same example, 10 or more tickets are sold, they would look like this:


In previous raffles, we simply sold tickets consecutively, however we would encounter technical issues during high traffic times.

Are my raffle ticket purchases tax-exempt?2019-04-01T10:46:36-05:00

The cost of a raffle ticket is not deductible as a charitable contribution. The IRS considers a raffle ticket to be a contribution from which you benefit. If you receive a benefit from making a donation, you can only deduct the amount of your donation that is greater than the value of the benefit you receive. The IRS explicitly prohibits deducting the cost of raffle tickets as a charitable contribution.

Link to IRS – Contributions From Which You Benefit

When is the raffle drawing?2019-04-01T10:47:02-05:00

Our goal is to hold the drawing on May 17, during our annual Volunteer Luncheon. To get the latest information on the raffle, please check back in to the Airplane Raffle page or our Facebook page for updates and announcements.

Why aren’t there more pictures of the interior?2019-04-01T10:47:19-05:00

The short answer is, there aren’t any! Our mechanics are busy prepping the avionics upgrades, and unfortunately we didn’t get to take any pictures of the interior prior to its removal. The photos in the gallery show the avionics as they were before the upgrades.

I did not leave my phone number during the raffle ticket purchase process.2019-04-01T11:26:45-05:00

That’s ok, because we forgot to make the phone number field a required field on the form! Rest assured, we have other ways to contact you – your email address and your mailing address. Also, if you’re a returning ticket buyer, we have your information from previous raffles. If you happen to be the winner, rest assured, we will make sure we contact you! The drawing in on May 17, 2019 so keep an eye out for your email inbox!


Notes on the Photos:

  • Aircraft pictured without tail-cone. We assure you this aircraft does come with a tail-cone.
  • Aircraft pictured without avionics upgrades. Photos were taken prior to avionics installation.

Cockpit prior to avionics upgrades.

A glimpse at the new Avionics upgrades.