Changing and saving lives through the power of aviation

A child gets ready for school, no food to start his day.

A couple is overwhelmed with joy over the birth of their baby girl, but crippled by fear that they cannot provide her the medical care she needs to thrive.

A young woman goes into labor, praying that she has no complications for she has no way to get to the hospital.

Every day we encounter someone in need — a neighbor, a friend, a co-worker — and our first response is: How can I help?

In the above scenarios, the answers seem simple: you would give the child food, connect the couple with medical resources to support their baby, and offer to drive the young woman to the hospital.

But what if that hungry child lives in a remote village in Africa or South America? Or the baby born with clubfoot lives in the U.S., but hundreds of miles away from the doctor who would give her the best chance at walking, running and playing? Or the young woman is in labor in a village in Central America, hours by boat or bumpy road to the nearest hospital?

You still want help, but how?

When you make a donation, you want it to make a difference. Your donation to Wings of Hope does.

Because of your support, people here in the U.S. and around the world have the resources and support to lead better lives. In 2017, we directly helped nearly 46,000 people — providing food, medical care and hope. And it is because of you.

At Wings of Hope, we are 100% donation driven — and 96% of our donations come from individual donors like you. Everything we do is made possible by you.

Thank you.

Make a simple donation. You might consider it a small gesture. But to those we help, that’s everything.


Fill the Tank

Our U.S. medical air transport program flies individuals with serious health conditions to specialized care not available to them locally. For free and for as long as they need us. Our biggest expense is aviation fuel. $5-$6 per gallon, about $600 per one-way flight.

Feed the Hungry

In a remote area of Paraguay, 16 indigenous communities depend on the medical clinics we provide. While we’re there, we also serve the hungry people food—600 or more at a time. When you donate $60, you are helping ensure the communities we serve receive vital health services, as well as a good meal!

Vaccinate Children

In 2017, our partner in Tanzania vaccinated more than 16,000 children, preventing common childhood illnesses such as polio and whooping cough. A vaccination costs $10. A small price to pay to ensure a healthy start.

Medevac Patients

In places like Belize, an emergency flight out of a remote community to a hospital is often the only chance for a mother in distressed labor or an individual with a serious traumatic injury. Your $26 donation defrays the maintenance costs of flying people in isolated regions all over the world to lifesaving medical care.

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